Tips for choosing a ramekin

It is one of the essential kitchen utensils that you will find in almost every kitchen in the world. They are small containers that are used to prepare desserts or starters. Some people also use it for other purposes but always in the kitchen. In this article, we will tell you what to take into consideration to make a good choice.

The material and design

Ramekin is best known for its manufacturing material. When choosing a ramekin, the material is the first of the things you should check. This is because the material should be compatible with different heat sources and should also not alter the taste of the food. You can choose between ceramic, glass and porcelain which are the most resistant materials to any heat source. As for the design, the aesthetic side is also important. You will be asked to take it from the oven and put it directly on the dining table. It is available in several colors which allows you to avoid monotonous dressing. It must also be easy to clean and store. For this prioritize those that you can use the dishwasher to clean also that stack. All of this with the aim of making things easier for you.

The size and thickness

After the material and design, you also need to consider the dimensions. The choice of the size depends on what you want to use it for. For example, to make creme brulee or the pies, you will need a ramekin with width. However, if you are making soufflé or custard, the ramekin must be deep. To withstand temperature variations and intense heat, it must be thick enough. Be careful not to make the ramekin too thick either, as this could slow down the cooking speed of the food. The ideal thickness to find the right balance is 0.8 cm regardless of the depth and width. It is highly recommended to take into account the elements mentioned above in order to make a good choice.

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