Visiting Morocco: what you need to know

Are you planning on getting away for a vacation or just touring the world to see the best spots? In that case, a place that needs to be on your list is definitely Morocco. A great view, a lovely culture and a welcoming population are some of the few things this country has to offer. In case you are still not convinced, here are a few things you would definitely love while visiting Morocco.

3 reasons why you should visit Morocco

Morocco is known for its delicious cuisine. Typical Moroccan cuisine is rich in spices that add a lot of flavor to the dish. Bread is the staple food and there are several types to enjoy, such as khubz, sperm and bagheri. If you ever wish to visit this country for a new experience, you can book a morocco tour on our website. Meat is a common ingredient in Moroccan dishes, with lamb, lamb, beef and chicken being the most common. Seafood and fish are particularly rich in coastal areas. Sardines are especially popular in Morocco. 

They are equally known for their mint tea which is consumed daily by the locals and very much appreciated by tourists. An infusion made with fresh mind and some sugar is all it takes to make this typical brew to enjoy with friends.

Being primarily an Islamic country, it is also a way for you to experience a new culture and get some insight into this religion. Mosques can be found in all the towns, and some of them in the most developed part of the country are quite outstanding.

How expensive is life in Morocco?

Known for being a country great for backpacking and traveling on a predefined budget. Life in Morocco is relatively cheap and you can still have a great time, eat great food and buy souvenirs from shops even with a limited budget. Lodging in hostels is also quite affordable in Morocco. For a tourist it costs about 7 dollars for a hostel and the most expensive ones are around 20 dollars.

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