What are the features of the plinko casino game?

It is one of the most famous games from the developer spribe. Recently created with this game, you can decide how many balls to play and how much to bet because you will be alone. This game, besides being profitable, is very fun. To make it more interesting, additional features have been added. In this article, we will tell you about its features.

An instant bet

This is a rather rare feature that allows you to play plinko without actually seeing the balls fall. Thus, you get the results of the bet by reducing the resources it takes to run the game. The plinko indonesia is also a casino game that is very popular with players. In addition, the time saving you get with instant wagering is not at all negligible. There are also shortcuts which are keys that allow you to speed up the game, which makes the balls fall faster. To activate the shortcut feature, you need to click on the space bar present on the computer or phone keyboard. This is a way to quickly finish the game.

An auto mode

It allows you to put the plinko game in automatic mode which saves you from handling some tools by hand. This is quite a convenient option that gives you the opportunity to enjoy on your computer quietly the game. It is the perfect option when you feel like playing, but at the same time are too tired to make any effort to manipulate the game. To activate the automatic mode, you must first click on the auto button. After clicking on this button, you will see a new interface with more images where you can choose the number of pins. The same applies to the color of the balls you will be playing with. As for the color of the ball, you can opt for a random selection which allows you to make random choices regarding the color. You can stop the automatic mode at will by clicking on the manual button if you want to take things back into your own hands.

A provably fair

In reality, plinko is considered a provably fair. In other words, all the games in this game are influenced solely by chance, which means that no developer manipulates it. The purpose of these features is to ensure that your results after the bets are correct. With the implementation of the features, you have the possibility to raise the stakes and increase your risk level. In each row there are different levels. In the first row you have the lowest multipliers. In the second row, the multipliers are more or less important and finally in the last row, you have the best multipliers. To make it simple, you can increase the risk level by doing the same for the number of pins. For example, when you want a low risk, twelve lines of pins will be fine. However, for a higher risk, fourteen rows of pins will guarantee a better result and so on. Basically, as the risk level increases, so does the number of pins. 

These are the features of the plinko game that make it more attractive than others to everyone.

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