What are the required documents to apply for a visa for Mongolia ?

To enter or transit in Mongolia, it is necessary to have a valid Mongolian visa. Indeed, since January 1, 2016, the visa is compulsory for all French nationals who wish to enter Mongolia. Discover in this article the types of visa but also the documents to provide to apply for a visa for Mongolia.

The type of visa to choose for Mongolia

If there are for Mongolia, as for all countries, tourist visas, business visas etc., there are variations that will impact your trip. Also, for your visa for Mongolia, you can apply for : the short-stay visa, the transit visa and the long-stay visa. You can consult the site to discover mandatory documents to apply for a visa to Mongolia. Indeed, the short-stay visa authorizes a stay of less than 30 days on the territory of Mongolia. The maximum validity period of the visa is 3 months from the date of issue. An extension can be requested, if the trip lasts more than 30 days, at the Immigration, Naturalization and Aliens Agency in Ulaanbaatar

Talking about the transit visa, it is an even shorter duration visa than the short stay visa. This visa is to be requested to make a connection at the airport or simply to cross the country. The transit visa is issued only on presentation of a passport or a travel document bearing the valid visa of the country of destination or a residence permit authorizing entry, valid in this country. The return visa may also be required depending on the case. The maximum allowed transit time is 5 days. With regard to the long-stay visa, the latter is compulsory for a tourist stay of more than 30 days and for so-called business trips. To obtain this visa, it is necessary to obtain an authorization from the agency of immigration, naturalization and foreigners in Ulaanbaatar according to the reason for stays. This authorization must, in principle, be requested by the Mongolian company, relative, NGO, etc., which receives the traveler.

The documents to provide for a visa in Mongolia ?

To obtain your visa for Mongolia, you will be asked for the following documents :

  • An original passport (without passport cover), on which the visa will be affixed ;
  • A copy of the identity page of the passport ;
  • An Embassy Visa Application Form ;
  • An identity photo in original color ;
  • A copy of the nominative flights entering and leaving Mongolia ;
  • A copy of the printed hotel reservation, or stamped and signed tour operator certificate ;
  • A copy of a residence insurance certificate.

Attention, this information is valid if you are of French nationality and residing on French territory. In other cases, other documents may be required. If you are a minor or traveling with minors, additional documents may also be required.

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